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Andrew Demarest

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Hello! My name is Andrew Demarest and I live in a small town named Montgomery. I am currently 16 years old and attend Valley Central High School as a sophomore. I play drums in my jazz band and have been taking a class called lab band for 2 years now. I also dabble with guitar and I’m pretty solid on bass guitar. Some of my favorite bands include A Day to Remember, Fit for a King, Miss Fortune, Avenged Sevenfold, Beartooth and Issues. I really love Twix Bars and orange is my favorite color but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that, let me get to the good stuff. The date was October 9th, 2005. A small band named Green Day (maybe you’ve heard of them) was playing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and I just so happened to be vacationing there. Grant it, I was only 5 years old and didn’t know any of the band member’s names, I was their biggest fan. My grandfather surprised my family and me with lawn seats for the show. My parents didn’t even want me to go, what would people think of them bringing their 5-year-old to a Green Day concert? Well long story short they got over it and I ended up seeing Green Day. Why am I telling you all of this? This is why. Billie Joe (the singer of Green Day, I eventually learned his name) said that he wanted to start a band on stage. He picked a guitarist, bassist and singer from the crowd. Last, he said “I need a drummer,” and I raised my hand absolutely terrified. Then I hear, “you all the way in the back, get up here.” No I’m only kidding, could you imagine? I didn’t even play drums at the time. The reason I tell you all of this is because at that moment when I was sitting there shaking with my hand in the air, I knew I wanted to play an instrument and do something with music. From there on out I started juggling Wal-Mart acoustic guitars and drum sets. I even played pots and pans with spoons as cliché as that sounds. So after 6 years of playing whatever I could find, things got serious. When I turned 11 years old, the same grandfather who bought me the Green Day tickets bought me my first REAL drum set.  I was playing every song I could for hours on end. I never wanted to stop. I had so many blisters on my fingers that I still have to this day from playing so much. After 6 months of beating this thing to a pulp I thought to myself, “I want to be in a band.” Where do I turn? How would I find band members? What if they don’t like the same music? The New York School of Music was the perfect place for me. I made the call during the summer of the same year of getting my drum set. I talked to Donna Hall on the phone. I didn’t know at the time that Donna would end up being a huge part of my life.  She told me to enroll in the summer camp session and at the end I would play at the Chance Theatre. I had to audition to see if I had what it took to be in a band and sure enough I did. In those two weeks of rock camp I learned so many new things. It was my first time ever playing with other people and it was amazing. As soon as the 2 weeks were over I couldn’t wait for next summer to do it again. For 3 years after that summer camp at NYSM, I signed up every time.  After being consistent with my sign ups I met some of the best friends I have ever had. Their names are Rose, Brendan, Josh, Matt, Shawn and Ben.  All 6 of these people are the most phenomenal musicians I have ever played with and without the New York School of Music I would never get to say I am in a band with them. We all just “click” together. Playing with them makes me want to strive to be the best musician as I can be. Donna has been able to make this all possible and she’s able to make NY School of Music seem like a second home. Music is pretty much my entire life and I owe it all to Donna, my grandpa and you could even say Green Day.  My life would be completely different without NYSM and music and I am beyond grateful for who is in my life and how they got here. 

Main InstrumentDrums
Other Instrument(s)
Favorite Band(s)A Day to Remember
Fit for a King
Miss Fortune
Avenged Sevenfold
NYSM Program(s)Rock Camp, Private Lessons

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