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What Others Are Saying:

NYSM has truly been such a positive influence on me and has provided me with so many great experiences as well as helped me meet so many superb musicians. Donna Hall, owner of the NY school of music, has helped me so much throughout my music endeavors and she is truly an amazing person to work with and learn from.

~ Sal - Student

NYSM Private Lesson Policies

Listed below are our private lesson policies... you will be provided with a hard copy of these policies when you register for lessons with us.

Commitment & Consistency
It will take time to reach your goals. Please commit yourself to completing your lessons and spending the time necessary to do so. Students need to attend each session for which they are scheduled. Regular attendance produces maximum growth. If attendance is inconsistent, you will be asked to withdraw from the program.

If you are late for a lesson you will receive instructions up to your scheduled time. If the instructors are running late, you will receive your full scheduled time. No reimbursements or make-ups for tardiness.

You are allowed ONE make-up per quarter. January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. If a make-up is not used within a quarter it can be carried forward to the next quarter, however, you cannot use a quarterly make-up in advance. If you cancel a make-up lesson it is no longer owed to you and may not be rescheduled. Any cancellations after allowed make-ups will be at the expense of the student. Please note that accounts must be current in order to schedule make-up lessons.

NYSM does not always close when the public schools are closed. Please call us when the weather looks questionable, our telephone message will have the closing information, 845-778-7594. We will make up any lessons missed when driving is unsafe.

Instructor Absences
We will do our best to obtain a substitute instructor in the absence of one of our permanent instructors. In the event a substitute is not available, a makeup will be scheduled. This make up will NOT count as your quarterly make-up.

Occasionally, we like use pictures of our students from classrooms and recital performances on our websites and in promotional advertisements. In situations where names are used, we make sure that students are only identified by their first name. If you have any problem with your child’s likeness being used in this manner, please contact Donna Hall.

Tuition is $125.00 per month regardless of a 4 or 5 week month and is due the 1st week
of each month on your scheduled lesson day.
A Late Fee of $15.00 will be added if not received by the 15th of the month.
$40.00 Return Check Fee