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Conservatory Curriculum

How do we take our musical training to the next level?

Simple: Create a program for our students that acts as an introductory course to what musical training is like at the conservatory level.

We see the creation of a complete music curriculum, including study in ear training, piano, music theory, and the performance of a solo recital, as the next natural progression.

The Complete Program

Any of the Conservatory Curriculum classes can be taken on their own, as a way of delving deeper into one's musical progress. However, some students will wish to complete the program in its entirity as a way to prepare for musical studies at the college level.

Students that complete the requirements will receive a certificate of completion to accompany their resume. They will also receive a letter of recommendation from a New York School of Music staff member to accompany the certificate. With these documents in hand and the knowledge they’ve accumulated through the above courses, our students will be prepared for their musical future, wherever it may lead them. If they choose to play in a band on the weekends, they will have challenged their musical ability and kick started their journey to be the best musician they can be. If they decide to go into a music college as their main course of study, they will be given a clear advantage in many of the core requirements of their degree program, which will allow them to use their hard earned time at college most efficiently.

It’s the new program for the serious musician!

What Others Are Saying:

I am ever-grateful to the New York School of Music for everything they have done for me and exposed me to. There is no way I will ever stop making music at this point, whether it be with the guitar, bass, piano, my voice, and my personal favorite, the good old drum kit!

~ Eli - Student at NYSM