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This Place is Amazing! I wish we had this when I was a Kid!

~ Nearly Every Parent That Walks Through Our Door!

Making It! - Seizing Opportunity with Confidence at NYSM

Students who attend New York School of Music and our Rock Camp and Music Conservatory programs receive the training they need to identify and take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself.  Just recently, several girls from our vocal program and Rock Camp program auditioned for a new project with Christopher R. Sciarra / CRS Productions in association with AJA Music And Film Productions in New York City.  The auditions are complete, and the stage is set. special thanks to Donna at The N.Y. School Of Music for her great work getting the 3 girls that fit the profile. The rest is history. Stay tuned.


Tayla Rees, another vocal student at NYSM, was personally recognized by AJA Music and Film Productions in NYC  and is being personally groomed to prepare for professional success.