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Hudson Valley Drum & Percussion Lessons

You can’t get the feel and technique of drumming playing on electronic kits so we only have real, full size drum sets in all our classrooms. Our drum instructors teach all styles of drumming including rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues, latin and more from beginner to advanced.  Rather you are just starting, auditioning for the school jazz band or want to advance your techniques we have the right teacher for you.


1) Any age is a good time to start. Young Children can learn to play patterns and develop lisening skills.  Adults can dig right in.

2) As soon as a student learns to count, they can usually start to read simple rhythmic patterns.  Learning to read music as soon as possible will help them to be more successful in music and learning.

3) Drumming encourages creativity.

4) Drumming helps develop good coordination and other motor skills. To play the drumset, for example, you learn to have complete control over both arms and legs.  They need to act independently from one another, since they each play a different rhythmic pattern.  This really gets your brain working!

5) Drumming separates rhythm from other musical concepts.  Since all music includes some form of rhythm, it translates easily to other instruments and gives you a foundation for reading and understanding music and rhythm.

6) The drumset is not the only existing form of drumming.  There are a variety of percussion instruments that one can choose to play.  The snare drum is one example of a popular solo instrument. It helps develop advanced sticking technique and the skills needed to read high-level rhythmic notations.  A glockenspiel, which looks like a small, metallic xylonphone, is a popular choice in school concert band.  This instrument encourages students to learn to read notes on a staff.  The notes on this instrument are placed in the same order as those on a piano.  Hand drums such as bongos, congas, djembes and tambourines are fun ways to explore different sounds and rhythms.

7) You don't have to own a drum to be a drummer.  Body percussion (hand claps, taps, stomping and snapping) or using a table top can be a good substitute for a drum.  Anything can be turned into an instrument.  The percussion group "stomp" uses all non-traditional objects for drums such as: trash cans, chairs, brooms, barrels, pipes, etc.

8) Drumming is a good release for excess energy and STRESS!

9) Rhythm has a place in all cultures and genres of music.  Jazz, Classical, Band and Orchestral music, Hip Hop, R & B, Pop, Folk music, ect...the list goes on. 

10) Drumming exists in your community!  Drum circles are often found to be extremely therapeutic and can be a fun way to make connections with people in your area.



New York School of Music offers private percussion and drum lessons to students throughout The Hudson Valley, including: Balmville, Chester, Clintondale, Cornwall-on-Hudson, Fort Montgomery, Gardiner, Gardnertown, Goshen, Highland, Highland Falls, Marlboro, Milton, Maybrook, Middletown, Monroe, Montgomery, New Windsor, Newburh, New Paltz, Plattekill, Pine Bush, Port Jervis, Salisbury Mills, Vails Gate, Walden, Wallkill, Washingtonville.  Call us today to setup your first Hudson Valley drum lesson.